The Saucier’s Bones

In this humorous, recipe-filled mystery novel, eleven-year old named Jerry Pasta is the youngest to begin Master Chef training at Pesto’s International School of Culinary Excellence in Italy. Jerry has always been “different”—after a mysterious accident with boiling water left him with pasta for hair, many believed Jerry would become the “saviory chef” of prophecy, the one to save the world from fatty, unhealthy foods. But Jerry doesn’t want that responsibility; he’s got enough on his plate, as cooking serves as both a personal joy and a path towards financial security for his struggling family. Ward Moldy Coeur is a powerful (and dangerous) food critic who is changing the culinary landscape with his growing Italian fast food chain, Fasta Pasta. Moldy Coeur fears the prophecy is true, and an oblivious Jerry stands in the way of Coeur’s path to food domination. Add to this simmering mix the janitor Bones, whose true identity at summer school is either brilliant saucemaker and hero to Jerry, or devious assassin with aims to poison him! Between making friends and enemies from different countries (Manny Cotti, Lefsa Stovon, Susie Sashimi), battling in an outdoor food-fight tournament, and competing for cooking awards, Jerry must decide what type of chef and person he ultimately wants to be—original or ordinary?

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